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Filtering SPAM

The following form will allow Msen users to set the controls on what spam is automatically deleted from the mail server before it is written to the mailbox. Use of this form will cause email to be deleted immediately without chance for retrieval. Patterns definitions for the spam control process are listed on their separate pages.

Policy: Msen does not read customer's email. These filters are automated scripts that do not make moral judgements about the content they process. The "catch phrases" that the filters are built upon are based on what spam the administrators have received on a repetitive basis. Care has been taken in choices to minimize "false positives" that would tag or, if enabled, delete legitimate email. Since no automated system will perform with 100% accuracy for all people, use at your own risk.

Msen has integrated Spam Filtering software on our servers. This software gives you four different choices of Spam Filtering if you elect to use it.

Spam filtering options

- "Spam" Filter - Basic procmail filtering. Matching is based upon the words in the email.

- "Smut" Filter - Filtering is based upon sexual phrases and drug names.

- "Address" Filter - The source IP address is in a database of known spammers or open relays. The current databases are, and

- "All" Filters - Turn on all filter rules.

To update the spam filter settings for your email account, enter your username and password below.

Mail Server:
Email Login:
(no leading "L")

Personal Spam Blocking Software

Msen's spam filtering is designed to kill only what is considered spam by all users without disrupting valid email. Therefore, it only catches approximately 80% of the offending messages. In order to personalize your spam blocking, you should use a personal spam blocking program on your own PC. It can be customized to more closely match your personal tastes.

Commercial Products

Anti Virus products

The following are links to various anti-virus products of which Msen is aware. If you are concerned about your machine having a virus on it, you might wish install one or more of these products.

Free Products
Avast! Antivirus
AVG Anti-Virus

Commercial Products
Norton AntiVirus
McAfee VirusScan
Panda Software AntiVirus
eTrust EZ Antivirus 2005

Spyware Detection Products

Lavasoft Ad-Aware
Pest Patrol - home users
Bazooka Spyware Detector
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