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This page has been self rated as containing nudity (level 3) under the RSACi system, and "Adults only" and contains "frontal nudity" under the SafeSurf system. If your browser is still seeing it, it is because:

- 1) you did not configure your browser for adult filtering.

Go to Microsoft Internet Explorer -> Options -> Security to enable filtering.

- 2) you wanted to see the page and typed in the override password.

- 3) you are using Netscape prior to 4.05 or have not enabled NetWatch filtering.

Go to Netscape -> Help -> NetWatch to enable filtering.

- 4) you are using a package that does not acknowledge the two standard self rating systems.

Send mail to as to the product name, and what it expects to see as filtering tags.
RSACi Rated This page is adult restricted with
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Msen Policy: We do not need to censor the net, but constructing the fences high enough so children cannot see over them is common sense and good practice.
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